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How does HDIT101 work

HDIT101 has a unique dual mechanism of action differentiating it from commonly used antiviral drugs. First, HDIT101 is capable of neutralizing circulating HSV particles, and second it inhibits the direct virus spread to neighboring, non-infected cells (cell-to-cell spread).



No treatment

  • Herpes simplex viruses recognize and invade healthy epithelial cells
  • Infected cells produce new viruses which can infect neighboring cells
  • Infected cells can be destroyed by the virus and the immune system and this leads to inflamed moist blisters


Treatment with HDIT101 antibody

  • HDIT101 binds to free viruses and prevents them from entering healthy cells
  • The antibody blocks the spread of virus from infected cells to surrounding cells
  • HDIT101 limits new outbreaks of  herpes